The island of Mljet is situated in the southern Dalmatian archipelago.

The landscape of the island seems to justify the opinion of those who think of it as of the «enchanted island» where Ulysses was captured by charming Calypso. In the extreme north-western part of the island is the submerged valley of Mljet lakes; Small and Big Lake, connected with a canal. 90% of the area of the national park is covered with forest. On the island are numerous monuments and ruins that date back to the Illyrian and Roman times. In Roman times the island was mentioned under the name Melita. On the islet in Big Lake is a Benedictine abbey with a church.

The climate on the island is Mediterranean. Major places lie in the interior, along cultivated fields. Economy is beside on viticulture, production of wine, olive growing, cultivation of medicinal herbs, fishing and tourism.